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Titanium Backup PRO MOD APK v8.4.0.2 (Premium Unlock)

Titanium Backup PRO MOD APK v

Titanium Backup PRO MOD APK v8.4.0.2 (Premium Unlock)

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Titanium Backup PRO MOD APK v

Download Titanium Backup PRO v8.4.0.2 (Unlocked Premium), Titanium is a mobile application for Android operating system, used to backup and restore data on Android devices. The Pro + MOD version offers many extended features compared to the free version.

Download Titanium Backup PRO MOD APK v8.4.0.2 (Premium Unlock)

Download Titanium Backup PRO MOD APK v8.4.0.2 (Premium Unlock)

With Titanium Backup Pro, users can backup all apps, data, messages, contacts, pictures, music and other files on their mobile phones. The application also allows users to schedule automatic backups, back up installed applications, and restore data from previous backups.

Features Titanium Backup PRO

Backup apps and data: Titanium Backup allows you to backup all installed apps on your phone, including system apps. You can also back up data related to applications such as settings, files, configurations and databases.

Restore data: You can restore previously backed up apps and data. This is useful when you need to change devices or restore data after your device has been reset.

Automatic Backup: Titanium Backup v8.4.0.2 Pro MOD APK allows you to schedule automatic backups at certain time intervals. You can set backups daily, weekly, or according to your custom settings. This helps to ensure that your data is always protected and not lost.

Remove system apps: Titanium Backup allows you to remove system apps on your phone without needing to root the device. This allows you to free up storage space and customize your Android system to your liking.

Cloud sync: This app integrates with popular cloud services like Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box. You can back up your data directly to these services for safety and easy access from multiple devices.

Customization: Titanium Backup Premium APK MOD offers many customization options so you can tailor and manage your backups in your own way. You can change backup settings, select specific apps to backup or restore, and customize the user interface.

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In addition, Titanium Backup Pro MOD (+ PREMIUM) also provides features such as deleting system apps, integration with cloud storage services like Google Drive and Dropbox for data backup, and the ability to user interface customization.