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How to install apps on iOS without jailbreak with AltStore

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How to install apps on iOS without jailbreak with AltStore

How to install apps on iOS without jailbreak with AltStore

iOS is an operating system known for its smoothness, stability, and long-term support. But because Apple doesn’t want users to interfere deeply with their iOS operating system, it’s sometimes inconvenient to install an app from outside the App Store. In this article, we will share how to install apps on iOS without jailbreak with AltStore tool.

How to install apps on iOS without jailbreak with AltStore

How to install apps on iOS without jailbreak with AltStore

Step 1: Prepare before installing AltStore on Iphone

– A computer running Windows 10 or later or macOS.

– Lightning or USB Type-C charging cable supports data transfer

– Download and install the latest 64bit or 32bit version of iTunes and iCloud directly from Apple.

Step 2: Download and install AltServer on your Windows or macOS

First click on the link to download the AltServer tool for Windows or macOS. AltStore is compatible with the latest iOS 12.2, iOS 13, iOS 14, iOS 15 and iOS 16.x. Then extract the file “AltInstaller.zip” and run the file “Setup.exe”.

Step 3: Install Altstore Apps On iPhone or iPad | No Jailbreak

Install apps on iOS without jailbreak, which means apps that aren’t on the App Store, but those with the “.IPA” extension. Continue for how to install the ipa file on iPhone, now plug in the cable to connect the iOS device to the computer and make sure that the device is unlocked. Click “Trust” on the device when asked to be able to install the IPA app on your iPhone.

Open iTunes, then tick “Wi-Fi sync” on your device.

Click on the AltServer icon (shuttle) in the taskbar then select “ Install AltStore ” and select your iOS device to install the AltStore app for your iPhone or Ipad.

AltServer icon on Windows:

Search for “AltServer” in the “taskbar” and click “Run as administrator” to run it with Admin rights. Make sure to allow access to private networks if prompted. AltStore will appear as an icon (a diamond) on the taskbar in the right corner of the screen. If it doesn’t show up, please restart your computer.

How to install apps on iOS without jailbreak with AltStore
How to install AltStore application for iPhone/Ipad (illustration)
How to install AltStore application for iPhone/Ipad (illustration)

AltServer icon on macOS:

The status bar (macOS) will show AltServer’s icon like the screenshot:

AltServer icon on macOS:

Note: macOS users need to activate  the Mail Plug-in utility  before installing AltStore on iPhone. Accordingly, you access the  Mail  application on macOS, select  Preferences   Manage Plug-ins, continue to select  AltPlugin.mailbundle  and apply. Also, if you use macOS, it’s important to keep the Mail app   running in the background at all times, keeping the connection between iPhone and computer at all times.

When the AltServer interface displays, enter your Apple ID email address and password. This will allow AltServer to authenticate with Apple and configure your account to support install apps on iOS without jailbreak. Then wait a few seconds, an AltServer message will appear stating that AltStore has been successfully installed on your device.

install apps on ios without jailbreak altstore 4

Almost done: Now on your iOS phone, go to “Settings -> General -> Profiles & Device Management”. Tap “Trust [your Apple ID],” then tap “Trust” again to confirm.

Note: If you use iOS 16 or later, you need to enable “Developer Mode” on your device by opening “Settings -> Privacy and Security -> Developer Mode”.

Step 4: How to install IPA file on iPhone with AltStore

Using AltStore to install IPA on iPhone is also extremely easy, you can open the “AltStore” app and select “ My Apps ”. Here will display a list of applications that have been installed through AltStore. It can install up to 10 different apps, or maybe more if  your AppleID  is part of Apple’s (paid) beta program.

Now click on the (+) sign, locate the “.ipa” file and install the IPA file on your iphone.

Step 5. Renew the application through AltServer

After successfully installing the “.ipa” application, the application will appear on the home screen and you can use it as usual. Although third-party apps installed on the iPhone only have an “expiry date” of 7 days, but it’s okay AltStore also supports certificate renewal for apps installed via this platform. Here’s how to do it:

  • Connect iPhone to computer, start “ AltServer ” and “ Mail ” app (on macOS).
  • On iPhone, launch “ AltStore ”, select “ My Apps ” and select “ Refresh All ”.

After successful renewal, the application’s certificate will be updated and you can continue to use it normally. That’s how install apps on iOS without jailbreak using AltStore tool. There are also other methods available, such as using tools like Sideloadly, 3uTools, or TrollStore, to install IPA files on an iPhone no jailbreak required. You can click on the link for more detailed information on how to accomplish this